Thursday, 3 April 2014

Late for school excuse

Late to school excuses

1. My mum didn’t shout for me too me up in the morning

2. Going to the doctors

3. My mum’s car broke down.

4. couldn’t find any clean clothes to wear

5. trying to find my school clothes.

6.  couldn’t find my homework

7.  went to bed late.

8.  couldn’t find my toothbrush.

9. i was walking and i realise that i went the wrong way to school.

10. up late doing my homework

11. my baby brother woke me up early in the morning and i went to sleep

12. Mum had an epilepsy attack.

13. my house was on fire

14. My dog ate my homework.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

How to annoy at teacher

Yesterday we are Instruction about How to annoy a teacher. We have to put it in steps and and then publish on your blog so viewers can see what we did write

1. running around in the classroom
2. shouting in the classroom
3. reading a book
4. not listening
5. throwing stuff in around in the classroom
6. saying bad things
7. staying off task
8. writing things about teacher
9. shut the teacher up
talking different languages
10. copying you teachers behavior
11. not respecting
12. mucking around in the classroom
13. not understanding
14. making silly faces

15. standing on the table.16. listen to bad music17. Nagging one another