Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Personal Passion

This is my personal passion that I made about my favorite passion. As you can see my favorite passion is singing and I like to that everyday. I made this because it was for  my CARE awards. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Nutrients DLO - June, Afu, Navid, Zahn.

This is our group presentation that we made with Zahn, Afu, Navid, and me. We made this by using Prezi and I think this is going wonderful. We made this because on Monday we had to go Pak n Save because it we were learning how to read labels for the food that we eat almost everyday. We found most interesting that the everyday food is the unhealthy food because it has lots of sugars and dietary fiber. For the occasional food it is the most healthy food but expensive. So we think that the everyday food is cheaper but not healthy and the occasional food is expensive but healthy.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Letter To Mrs Anderson - June

This is my CARE awards activties and what I have done, I have made a Google poster and I have to write a letter to my teacher. I have found these pictures off Google images. 

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Shot Put / Discus - Run, Jump, Throw

Run, Jump, Throw

shot put.JPG

Today R5 have been doing kiwisport called Run, Jump, Throw with Andie. She has been with us for four week teaching us how to do Run, Jump, Throw and I have been enjoying these lessons with her. Today Andie taught us how to do Shot Put and Discus. For Shot Put we had been taught catch phrases like dirty fingers, dirty neck, clean palm. All of phrases have meaning with it like for dirty fingers, you have to have the ball on your fingers, for dirty neck you have to make sure that the shot put ball have to touch you neck and make sure put underneath your ear so that you can throw it far. When you are throwing it make sure you chin - knee - toe all in a row, also elbows high, and low to high, watch it fly. For Discus you have to grip the discus thrower like a shelf, so if you out upside down the discus should fall out, make sure you grip on the third knuckle, then swing up, clap, bring back, chin knee toe, then last of all low to high, watch fly, then fling it fast.  

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Jerry Collins - June

This is my poster about Jerry Collins that I made by myself. This is all about Jerry Collins. We did this because we was killed by a car accident with his family.  

Breakfast In Schools - June

For my opinion I think that it’s a good idea to provide breakfasts in school because it could help students all over NZ to stay focused in their own learning and could be energized and ready for school.

Students all over NZ should be fed with breakfasts in their tummy. It is awfully sad that sometimes students aren't able to have breakfast and it could be because their parents rushing to go work.

I highly recommend the Kick start program because it could help schools around NZ to provide breakfasts to students. Kick start program have been helping schools around NZ because there are many children who go hungry and are not having breakfast. In NZ almost 400 schools are having Kick start program to help school in NZ.

Meanwhile, breakfast is the main meal of the day because it can get children to be energized and ready for school. Breakfast can provide you protein, nutrition and vitamins for your body so you can concentrate in your classroom. Also breakfast can fuel your brain and your body.

Did you know, that 15% of kids are not being able to eat breakfast in the morning. Also it is a good idea because it can help children to keep focus and concentrate in your learning so it can help you to stay focus.

How can we help change the minds of those who want to change the flag?

How can we encourage those not to change the flag?

How can we help to stop changing the NZ flag? I am a Samoan girl, how would I feel if my flag would get changed? I think My flag is better, because it has nice designs and a meaning with our flag. So why are people trying to change it. Is there any reason why?

Talofa students, why are we thinking about changing our flag. I already know that they are agree to change the flag but why can’t we leave as it is? Some people in NZ would been upset because there are many people who presented our flag and for us. 

If we do change our flag,  would it represent our faithful soldiers who fought for us? I don’t think so. Do you think our flag is boring  for New Zealand now? Is the new flag going to represent the New Zealanders? Would we even care about our flag? What if there could be problems towards the new flag, and then what a waste of 26 million dollars. 

My opinion will be always the same because the flag is important because other people couldn't believe if they did change the flag. It is important because it reflects on the soldiers that who fought for us and died for us. We all know that the flag is really similar to the Australian flag but we don’t have to change.  

My opinion is still not changing because it’s not right to change the flag, could it be recognised for the other countries. Sometimes people can change their mind over the flag because there are more important things then changing the flag.

Instead of changing the flag, there are more important things that need to get finished like spending the money on the Christchurch. Also to spend money for charities for school and foods for other people.

How are we going to be able to change our flag? Could this be our new begin towards our new flag? Is the money really worth changing this flag? What if they are going to change their minds about it?

Once again my opinion will never change because if they do change the flag how could this help you say no for stop changing the flag. Also remember keep in mind that there's people who fought for under the flag.

Monday, 14 September 2015

VIncent Van Gogh

This is our group popplet that we made about Vincent Van Gogh. I made this by using popplet and I think that we have made a good job with this DLO

Vincent Van Gogh, Sunflower Painting

This is my sunflower art that was inpired my Vincent Van Gogh. I think this art is one of the favorite because I have been through many stages of going through this piece of art. 

Cross Country - Fun Run

Image result for fun run in school
Today, after lunch we held a Fun Run cross country in Dunkirk reserve. Many people came First, Second and Third. For me did participate in cross country because when ever I run I get Asthma so I couldn't breath. So for the rest of the time I was handing out tickets for who ever cam Second and the other people who didn't participate also was handing out First, and Second tickets. Many people were unlucky and came last but they still had many energy from walking and having a rink of water at the end. 

Friday, 4 September 2015

Wood Work (Tech) - June

This is my DLO of Tech. This is my reflection of how we went well today. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Run, Jump, Throw (Kiwi Sport) - June

This is my poster of Run, Jump, Throw. I made this because I want to show how we got taught and this might be good for others. 

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Series Circuit & Parallel Circuit, Science Elective - June

Today, I have made a poster about Series Circuit & Parallel Circuit. I have did because I want too show what I have done in my science elective. This is mainly about how I tried and do this experiment. 

Scavenger Hunt 4 - June

This is my Scavenger Hunt that I did. This is mostly about the book the Heart Throb.  This were the questions that I found.  

Currents Event - A Couple Found A Safe Under Floor

This is my current events activity that I did myself.  I think this is interesting because it says because a couple found a safe under the floor. I made this by using google draw. I made for my reading activity for my group and I think this article is really fascinating about what it is about.