Monday, 31 October 2016

Smart Searching Challenge - Cecillia, Breeana & June

Cecilla, Breeana and myself colborated together to make this DLO. This DLO is based on what we researched on and what we wanted to know about our subject. We found interesting things about Volleyball. and they were pretty impressing. My favourite part of this challenge was when we had to generate a letter from a website and that part was funny.  

Scaffold Text - Paige, Breeana & June

Today for our reading activity, Paige, Breeana and myself collaborated together to make this DLO. Our group made this based on facts about the Wright Brothers. We learnt on scaffold text and that means building knowledge.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Narrowing Search

Yesterday afternoon I had to make a DLO on what we learnt with Mrs Ogivlie in the library. We learnt how to narrow a search and how is can help on what we were searching on. We were given a question which what Who is the best Football player on Europe, and there are some tips n tricks to help for your research. 

Isaac Newtons Law's

Evelyn and myself have collaborated together to make this lucid chart. This lucid chart is based on Isaac Newtons law. We put 1st, 2nd, 3rd laws and when we first saw the laws, they were pretty fascinating.  

Mrs Ogilvie

Mrs Ogilvie

Today a few minutes after morning tea, the Yr 8's and some of the Yr 7's went to our school library and meet Mrs Ogilvie. Mrs Ogilvie works from the National Library and cam to our school. Mrs Ogilvie came and taught us about smart searching and shows us these websites that we can use. She showed us this websites called Epic and it shows us different other websites as well. So we clicked on a other websites called Kids Infobits and Britannica. Kids Infobits shows heaps and heaps of information about your learning and that involves topic like for examples Writing, Reading and Inquiry. Britannica is a website that you search anything you like. These website are helpful for me because they help me and show the right information I need.

Dehydration & Hydration - June & Evelyn

Evelyn and myself collaborated together to make this DLO. We made this based on Dehydration and Hydration. We wrote about Hydration and how its good for you and it gives you lots of energy. We also did an explanation about Dehydration and how it can get's you grumpy, head aches and dizziness. We also put in a 25 word explanation about why it drinking water is good for us.  

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Reading - Fleet for Flight and Inspector Gadget

Fleet for Flight & Inspector Gadget

For todays reading activity my group did Fleet for flight and Inspector Gadget. Fleet for Flight and Inspector Gadget are reading activities where you read first and answer the questions. We did this with strategies like: first read the instruction, look at questions, read every word, find the answer in the text, eliminate the wrong answers and choose the BEST answer. These strategies helped looked for the right answers and hopefully it can help for next weeks reading test.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Rhythm Interactive

Rhythm Interactive

Today after morning tea Room 8 , LS1 and LS2 went to our school hall and did Rhythm Interactive. We meet Johnny and Lucy and they were the people who did Rhythm Interactive. They taught us that Actions speak louder than words. Johnny and Lucy does tours around New Zealand and sometimes they do tours outside New Zealand. My favourite part of this was when we have to copy what our instructors and copy it with a drum that was in front of us. Johnny and Lucy brought heaps of drums and lined them in front of us. 

Friday, 14 October 2016

Touch Rugby

 Touch Rugby

Today after lunch, the year 7&8 had touch rugby with our coach Trevor. We learnt some basic rules about touch rugby and hopefully I can remember the rules until our inter-school Touch Rugby. What I have enjoyed about today session with Trevor, was our games that we played and it was AWESOME!! we learnt basic things and i'm looking forward to the next sessions.