Monday, 11 January 2016

Summer Blogging- Canada- Activtiy 1.

Here is a DLO about Canada. This shows different facts about Canada and some photos I've have put into this google drawing. I made this because we have this summer learning journey that we had to in the summer holidays. The interesting facts that I have found about was that Canada have 2 different languages which is English and French. 


Katharina said...

Dear June,

I really like your post about Canada. I agree, it sounds like a great place to vist! What is the weather like at the moment? I think it can get very cold during winter in some places!

What does DLO stand for?

What sports do you like? Are they similar to the national sports in Canda? If I had to pick, I would choose Soccer. But I have to admit that I have never seen an Ice Hockey or Lacrosse game.

Enjoy your trip, I am looking forwards to reading more about it,
Cheers, Katharina

Suzanne Rolfe said...

Hi June. I really enjoyed reading your blog! WOW I didn't realise how many different ethnic groups lived in Canada. I'm looking forward to reading more, Suzanne

Emily Z said...

Hello June!
I'm a grade 8 student at the University of Toronto Schools, and as the name of my school suggests, I live in Canada.

I really like how you used almost exclusively red and white in your DLO. Sums up Canada pretty well!

I can also confirm the information presented, as I myself am Chinese Canadian, learn French at school, have been the the CN tower multiple times, and have played lacrosse. I'm so Canadian wow.

The winter is pretty cold. In fact, it's winter right now, as of my time of writing. Which makes sense, realizing that it's summer in the southern hemisphere.

You're always welcome to visit!

Rachel Williamson said...

Hi June,

It's so great to see that you have joined our Summer Learning Journey! As you can see, there are already many people who are keen to blog with you as you embark on your overseas adventure. Being Canadian, I am thrilled to see that you have chosen to go to Canada. It is a beautiful country but, as Emily has mentioned, it is also very cold there at the moment! My family lives primarily in the Ottawa area but I also have some family in Toronto. All of my family members speak English but some also speak French at work. It's very common to use both French and English on a daily basis when you live in Ottawa, in particular. It is the capital city of Canada and close to the border between Ontario and Quebec. Quebec is a predominantly French-speaking province so there is a strong French influence in Ottawa:)

I hope that you continue to participate in our Summer Learning Journey and that you enjoy your trip to Canada. There is so much to see and do there. I think that you will love it!

Bon voyage :)


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Zeba said...

Hi June!

What a great choice of country I chose Germany. I like how you added a lot of facts and statics, it was really interesting.

Catherine said...

Hey June!!

My name is Catherine and I'm also from University of Toronto Schools. I was born and raised in Canada and would love to have you visit!!! Right now, it is currently -10 degree's Celcius and it is EXTREMELY cold!!! You are quite lucky to live in the southern hemisphere.

I loved your DLO, all the facts are true!!! I'm not sure if you've come across this yet, but in Canada, we are quite famous for our maple syrup! It's a sweet and sticky syrup that is delicious to eat and spread on your toast in the morning.

Loving the Canadian spirit!!


Courtney said...

Hi June
Its great that you chose Canada its a great country, its awesome seeing you taking part in the summer learning journey I hope to see more of your blog post Good luck

Emma said...

Hi June.

I didn't know so many people lived in Canada! This post is very informative, I love it. Just one question: What does DLO stand for?

malik khan said...

Really i like to visit Canada. it is very nice place. thanks for posting this informative post. i like it

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Charlize said...

Wow June this was awesome as. I liked how you kept the infomation easy and simple. You must have done a lot of research, and other stuff! GREAT WORK

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