Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Personal Trainer ( Ana & June )

For inquiry we have been working on our strength, agility and endurance.  One of our DLO was the personal trainer. This DLO includes what you need to consider. You would need to train in a opened area and this is agility. The equipment you would need is cones and a stop watch. Training would be atleast for 1 hour. The next activity was based on training. We had to find images of sport that matches to agility, strength and endurance. Our defnition of physical activities is that it means movement of the body that uses energy

Thursday, 25 August 2016



Today, we had a special visit from Ryan Hoffman and John Palavi from the NZ rugby team The Warriors!!. Also we had a visit from Georgia and Alice from DTR. First of all they all talked about Health and Well being and that kind of related like Hauora. We were split into teams, so it would be Ryan Hoffman's teams and the other side as John Palavi's team. For this, did some activities with us, such as team trivia, and if we would shout the loudest someone from our team would get a prize. Some of the other people were lucky enough as they have won a prize. After that they talked about being hydrated, sleep, and belongings. 

Main Idea - Reading

Today for reading we are learning to identify the main idea of the text, so we had to read a story and which tells us the main idea of the story. So we have to come up with three ideas from the text for the main idea. 

Friday, 19 August 2016

Run Jump Throw

Yesterday afternoon, at the start of the session we all ways start with a game of Octopus to get us ready for the session. For our session yesterday we were all focused on Long jump and for other things we need too learn about long jump. This is basically about the Olympic long that took part in the weekend and hopefully we have been getting up with it. 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Netball Cluster Day

Yesterday, we have all arrived at the AMI netball courts with heaps of other school around. We were lucky enough that yesterday was a nice day and played well. Today to show that I had fun yesterday I have made a collage of what we did yesterday.  We have all played hard and both showed team work. Some of the boys that we had played awesome showed that they have collaborated with the girls. 

Current Events

As for my current events, I wanted to make one about these two runners. As you have probley been watching the Rio Olympics, Nikki Hamblin ( NZ ) and Abby D' Agostino ( USA ) took part in the 5,000 meter race in Rio. They have been helping each other from falling and helping each other to the finish line. I think that they have both showed teamwork in what they have done, they both show role models, team spirt, and again teamwork. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Ancient And Modern Olympics ( June & Ana )

This week I had collaborated with Ana for my inquiry. This week we were learning to compare and contrast the ancient Olympic games with the modern Olympic games. So we had to prio-knowldge  first and then attributing the images and then after we had to find five interesting facts and then compare and contrast.   

Monday, 15 August 2016

E-ako Maths

Today for E-ako maths I had to work on fractions. This has helped me a lot with fractions because it tell me how much you can shared between 1- 5 people equally. I think I can refer to this sometime's by give equal pieces to friends and making sure it right. 

Friday, 12 August 2016

Before n After - Writing ( June & Tiare )

We have been learning to consider both sides of a presentation so that we can make an informed opinion. Mrs Anderson asked us to think about our two sides of our own opinion and what can we think about it. To make our informed opinion we had to gather of what we know and make in opinion about it so basically what we think about it. My DLO shows that our opinion are exactly different but we do have a point to it.   

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Language Features - Writing

Yesterday, for writing I have to make a presentation on language features. We had to gather all kind language features into this slideshow. This was pretty hard to make but at least I did it at the end. 

Run, Jump, Throw

Today the Yr 8 and 7 went together to do PE today with Andy who does Run Jump Throw. Today Andy revisited what we did last week with running and the stances we have to do. We have to remember that if we are in the race that we have to not look at that the other and try and look straight ahead an make sure to know where you are running. Also make sure that if you are in a race make sure that your feet are behind the line otherwise you are disqualified from the game. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

Y8 Run Jump Throw.

Run, Jump, Throw

Yesterday, the Yr 8 students have been doing Run, Jump, Throw as the same as last year with Andy. With Andy, we learnt that we always have to run with light feet, back straight and look ahead to see where you are running. I have really enjoyed this sport because we can learn different sport like Running, High jump and Long Jump, also Discus and Shot Put. 

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Hoverbike Poster - June & Jane

This week my sister and I have collaborated together to work on this poster. For this we had to make a post about doing adverts and for this we had to advertise that hover bike for others to buy it. ( not in real life) We had put some more colours and some information about this hover bike. 

Monday, 1 August 2016

Winter Learning Journey

Last week friday, some of the PBS students have been got certificates for showing that they have participated in the Winter Learning Journey. School's in our area have also participated in the Winter Learning Journey. This holiday's topic was about the Rio's Olympics 2016 and my favourite activity was creating a logo for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. School's in our area have also participated such as Tamaki Primary, Panmure Bridge, Point England, Glenbrae and many more. A big THANK YOU!! to Rachel Williamson who has oganised this programme in holiday for students.