Friday, 25 November 2016

Hockey Yr 8's


Yesterday afternoon, the Yr 8's went on had a session with Carly. To start of, we had game called Shark. This game is for practising our defending, to trap our ball, push, and hitting the ball. After that we had to switch our warm ups to practice pushing and trapping the ball. Later on we had a juggling challenge, we all had1 minute to focus on the ball and try bouncing it on our hockey stick. We all had an amazing day with Carly and learning new things about Hockey. 

PBS Athletics

PBS Athletics

Today our PBS students had an amazing day doing athletics. We were split into 3 teams for the Yr 8's and 2 teams for the Yr 7's. All of us were great at being supportive and encouraging our friends. We all had a fun time doing the athletics. 

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Yr 8 Hocky

Yr 8's Hockey

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Today, the Yr 8's had a lesson of hockey, which was held in our school hall. Our instructor was Mel and she taught us some valuable things. At the start of our lesson we had a game of Octopus which someone had to be tagger and the tagger had to call a category of what the person has. They gave us each an hockey stick and a ball each. After that, they gave us an activity where, they call out a traffic light which was Green - for dribbling, Orange - stop but just keep on dribbling, Red - stop, Purple - Reverse, Silver - Speeding your dribbling, Blue -  Dribbling in circles. After that, we were split into 2 teams and whoever calls a number, a number of people has to play hockey against the other team. We had a wonderful time playing hockey and having new things being learnt. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Shake Out

I would like to congratulate Latham and his team mates for making this excellence movie. You movie looks amazing and there movie looked liked hard work. Keep up the great and amazing movie making Latham and all the best in future. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Jean Batten

Today Juanita and myself collaborated together to make this popplet based on Jean Batten. This is based on Jean Battens life time and what she did between when she was born and when she died. Hopefully you can see what myself and Juanita did and what we have proudly did ourselves. Our website that we used was click on this link and you can access this for Jean Batten.