Friday, 27 February 2015

My Word Cloud

This is my Word cloud about facts about my family and our culture. Our art is inspired by John Clarke who makes art silhouette self portraits Click here if you want to have a look at some of his other work.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Rm 5\6 Comparison

This is my poster that me and my partner made. It shows how many parents in R5 and R6 were born overseas. The most popular place is Tonga.  I think it is because there are more Tongan students in R5 and R6.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

My letter to the future

Dear Term Four June,

If you get a chance read this letter, I hope you enjoyed a wonderful year. I hope you achieve your goals so you can go to a next level in education and get better what you need to achieve. In order to achieve these goals you will have finished your writing and the things that Mrs Anderson gave you that involved writing . You will also have finished your Reading tasks and will have read lots of books which would have helped you pronounce some words that were tricky and you couldn’t spell. I hope you made it into some of the inter schools for sports. Did you guys get along in Rm5? Did you move your work to the next level? Well lets hope you did. Again, I hope you had a wonderful year.

See you in December
Yours truly, June


You scored 8 out of 10
What tense are recounts written in?

You said: Past
Well done.
Which suffix would you put at the end of the word 'shout' to put it in the past tense?

You said: -ed
Well done.
In which paragraph would you sum up your recount?

You said: Final
Well done.
Which of these verbs is written in the past tense?

You said: Ran
Well done.
Which of these sequences is written in chronological order?

You said: Breakfast, lunch, tea, supper
Well done.
In which person would you write a recount in?

You said: Third
Recounts are written in the first person.
Which of these phrases would you expect to find at the beginning of a recount?

You said: It all started when
Well done.
Which person is the following phrase written in: 'I couldn't believe my luck!'

You said: First person
Well done.
What do recounts do?

You said: Give facts about topics that might be of interest.
Recounts retell important events from people's lives.
If you were writing a recount about your first day at school, which of the following would you include?

You said: Adjectives to describe your feelings.
Well done.
This is my results about my game about recounts that my teacher gave us. I have learnt about that you can write a recount in the first person also you need to write in past tense. 

Monday, 9 February 2015

Quiz results

This is my quiz results about the New Zealand Identity. The results that I got was 9 out of 10.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

PBS Values

I had presentation task so we could learn about school values. I hoped you enjoyed this slide show

Kiwiana Homework

This is my homework for this week. Our task was to show a connection between our families and some of the Kiwiana icons. I chose Pineapple Lumps because they are a part of our family trips.