Sunday, 31 May 2015

Typing Reults

Today I was practicing my typing skills. I played the game "Baron Type-fast". Each time i played this game, I tried my best to beat the time as I got before. Now that My goal has a achieved I will try harder to get a better goal.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Samoan Language Week

These presentation are about Samoan Language Week. It tells you some Samoan work and some picture of what they mean. I learnt that the red on the Samoan flag means courage.


Today the year 7 and 8 went to tech at Tamaki College. Our teacher was Mrs Anderson that does technology. First she explained what we are doing for the first week with her and we are only doing this like for a few week. Our first activtiy was Scratch was very cool doing animated things. Next week we are the same thing as today. I had an awesome day with Mrs Anderson.  

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


 This is my google presentation that I made. This explain all the features that are on Rangitoto Island. I made this because our school went to Rangitoto for a trip and want to feel what it is it like going to Rangitoto. I learnt that Rangitoto is one of the youngest volcanos in New Zealand.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Current Event

This is my Current Events about A Boy gives homeless man a blessing. This mainly about how A boy gave a burger that he brought for the man. Also he gave the man a blessing.

Maths Results

This screenshot are my results that I have done. This is mainly about my 6 times table but I did one 3x. Next time I need to try more on my maths. So I will try an achieve more with my Maths. 

Monday, 25 May 2015

5 minutes of Rangitoto

5 minute of Rangitoto Hike

As I reached to the top of Rangitoto summit my heart was racing and my knees were shaking. I could see Auckland. It looked very little. The tallest thing I could see was the Sky Tower. It looked so small. It was very dark. I could only see the the ferries going passed and grey clouds and fog over the North Shore. As I looked down I could see the field of rocks and many, many trees swaying. I felt really surprised, excited, and my heart was racing like it was going to be a car in a race. I was relieved to be on top of Rangitoto after that long hard climb.  Now that I’ve been there I have finally achieved my goal being on Rangitoto Island.

Fast Factors

Today I was practicing my 6x table. I played the game 'Fast Factors'. Each time I tried my best to beat my previous time. As you can see my best time was 26 seconds.

Blog comment

This is my blog comment to Evelyn. This comment is about her letter about ANZAC but wrote a letter to her Nana. Evelyn's letter was surprising and the words she put in was powerful, it felt like it was for real and it really made a picture in my mind. 

Here is Evelyn's blog to see.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Blog Comments

These are my three blog post that I gave from one in my classroom, one from another classroom that in our school, and one from a Manaiaklani student. These comments are really different of what I have to say their work. They have really put a lot of effort into their work so I gave an each comment of how much they put into it.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Blog Post Comparison

This is my Comparison of my blog post from 2013-2015. This shows amount of blog post that I did from the beginning of when I started my new school. I made this by using Google draw and by making the graph for my Comparison. This poster mainly shows how many blog post I have. Also this includes many reasons why my blog post have been dropping. My highest blog post was in 2013 that I have made up to 22 blog post. I learned about how I can make my blog post can be approved and making wise choices.


I did this poster about a whakatuaki.  I use to make this poster from Google Draw. This poster show you words from your heart in Maori. It describe some that has courage and has a hearts like a tawa tree. I use for my background is a Maori Cloak that the highest chief wears. I used for my font writing is cabin and I highlighted it with black. I learned something from this poster which is you can have courage and also have a heart like a tawa tree.

Design my flag

This is my flag that I designed myself, This flag is for my island that I made myself, and my island is called Fantasy Pineapple. I made this by using Google Drawing. I made the google draw longer so I can fit some more things inside this google draw. I learnt that making this flag, its not really easy because you have to think about what going inside your flag.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Coat of arms

This is my coat of arms that I did for my imaginary island that I made up myself


 This is my poster about the pineapples. This is a poster that explains people to get our pineapple from my imaginary island that I made up called Fantasy Pineapple which means that they are heaps of goodness and juicy pineapples. I made this by using Google Drawing. The purpose I made this was to make my Pineapple look yummy for those who likes Pineapple.


This is my partner and I presentation that we did. This is mainly about Rangitoto and the species that that are there.  

Friday, 15 May 2015

Hunau Falls

This is my activities section of all the challenging sport . This is mainly about the Activty, Definition, Images, and why is it included.  

Friday, 8 May 2015

Helen Keller

This is my information presentation about Helen Keller. This is mainly about a person that famous for lost hearing impaired person. I made this by using a Google Presentation because I had heaps of information about her and I thought is I could this about her. I learnt about her was that she became famous for hearing and was handicap. Also I learnt about her was that she became deaf from a Severe Fever at the age of 19 mouths than when she was 6 she meet a person that was also deaf that learnt Sign Language so she can learn Sign language to.

NZSLW ( New Zealand Sign Laungauge Week)

This is my information poster about New Zealand Sign Language Week. This is mainly about the 3 languages in our country that we have, facts about sign language week and a chart of the sign Language alphabet.