Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My Reflection on the production.By June

My Reflection On Production

What is the storyline of your Production ?

In the first sense is about how Rangi tells the four brothers to go on the adventure and  they get caught in the very bad storm and Aoraki  flew on one of the rocks and the canoe didn’t sink but they became old and they become mountains.

Who are the actors and who are the backstage hands who makes the props and put things on stage ?

The Actors are the four brothers  and Papa earth mother, Rangi and the narrator is Angel and the friends Mokupuna Caitlin, Samantha, Oh S’mar, Patrick and Jasmine.

What Roll is my classroom Roll doing in the production.
My classroom is about how Aoraki and his three brothers became the mountains and the mokopuna was looking for him and the papa earth mother was angry at Tuterangiwhiu because he hadn't found him

What props need to be made

The props that need to be made is the flower to be grow out and to background should be quiet in the back. and in the backstage should be ready for the Roll in the production and I think that everyone in the production should be ready for the production.

How are you making the costumes and the other props what are there made from
The costumes are made from cardboard.

Do people who are learning their lines too need more practise or are they making good progress
Yes I think that Angel is good remember  her lines and she almost got her lines correct and I like the way she has expression with her lines and I think that she is  good remembering her lines and it good.

What need to be improved more
I think that need to more improved is that everyone is be ready In front of the audience and not be shy in front of the audience.

Are Actors are using their bodies to show expression

Yes I think that the actors are really doing well with the roll and how their expression too the body and really doing well with everything I the Roll I think that the person that have speaking part should be calm at doing the speaking part

Who are the actors in the this roll

Aoraki is latham

Papa Earth mother is Lavania

Rangi sky father is halaiano

Tuerakiwhano ia Patrick

Hine nai l te po is fine

narrator is Angel

Mokopuna is catlin samantha OhS’mar and the last one of the mokopuna is  jasmine

rakiroa is creedence

rakiroa cyprus

Rarakiuroa is thomas.


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