Thursday, 20 March 2014

My plan of why do people wear shoe


Why people wear shoes

Shoes are made of canvas, leather, rubber, some made of velcro, laces and buckles or feet.

              You need shoes for your feet in case you or your family go to the beach and one person might get hurt because they weren’t wearing shoes.  They also might wear shoes because they go to work in them

         Most people wear shoes to look good when they go out and they also might get dressed because most of the restaurant have a dress code.

Most people wear shoes for important staff just for example people wear shoes for sports, Jobs and mostly we wear shoes for school The thing is that you need shoes for the zoo because you will need boots what if the zoo animal
ool or if when we go out and that.

       Other people wear shoes because its part of their job like if you work at a the zoo you must wear boots because there are lots of dangerous animals around them.
      It is good that we have shoes because our feet will be cozy and safe.

That why we wear shoes for Important things.


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