Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Progess of eako math

This is my progress of Eako maths. The Reason I got a Certificate because I Achieved one hundred points on Eako-Math. I am proud of my self.


Halaiano said...

Hi, June
It's me Haliano and like how you got a trophy for using your good skill hope you keep up the good skill june.

Leopote said...

Hey June or Jane(so mixed up)
Making very good progress on E-ako maths.In our class is ver the same.Try and aim for 1000 points on your pathway.

Yours sincerly Pote

Jane said...

Hi June
It me Jane here. I like your Trophy. I am also on E-ako math too June. You can go on my blog to see it. keep it up the good work June

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