Friday, 20 June 2014

My Photo Essay Of the Botanical Garden.

Room five went to the  Auckland Botanical Garden. While when we were at Botanical gardens there was our tour Teacher well kind of she taught us about how Trees are left in New Zealand Second we got out of the class room and went into the forest and learnt about how leaves can change and we how different birds that can hear and thirdly How many plants are there.


Harry said...

Hi June it seemed that you had a fun time at the Botanical Gardens those are some nice pictures you chose. Maybe you should work on your words because some of the words don't have full stops. Try and keep up the great work your doing. What was your favorite part at the Botanical Gardens?

From Harry

Jane said...

Hi June, It seemed that you like gong to the botanical Gardens. I can see that you have fun walking around and finding out some new stuff.

From your sister Jane

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