Thursday, 12 February 2015

My letter to the future

Dear Term Four June,

If you get a chance read this letter, I hope you enjoyed a wonderful year. I hope you achieve your goals so you can go to a next level in education and get better what you need to achieve. In order to achieve these goals you will have finished your writing and the things that Mrs Anderson gave you that involved writing . You will also have finished your Reading tasks and will have read lots of books which would have helped you pronounce some words that were tricky and you couldn’t spell. I hope you made it into some of the inter schools for sports. Did you guys get along in Rm5? Did you move your work to the next level? Well lets hope you did. Again, I hope you had a wonderful year.

See you in December
Yours truly, June


Robyn Anderson said...

Great goals June. I hope you keep trying hard to achieve them throughout the year.

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