Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Home Learning: Paying Forward

Home learning: Paying Forward

Part of lasts nights home learning was to do something with or for someone else. I chose to help my Mum to make dinner and my Mum was happy because she wouldn't be able to make dinner without me.


Afu @ Panmure Bridge School said...

Hi June

I like your Home Learning: paying it forward 2 because it has lots of writing and you a talking about you and your Nana looking after your mum. Can try putting a bit more info.

By Afu

June said...

Hi my baby,

Thank you for helping me to do dinner and I am really proud that your made a wonderful and yummy dinner. Keep up this amazing work and make sure you post work this week my baby.

remember mummy loves you!!!!!!

From Mummy, Josie

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