Monday, 11 April 2016


Today for maths my maths group and I played a game on the court called Mathletic. We had to work with a buddy, my buddy was Afu.We had to answer 24 maths questions.To play this game you will need a pen, a pad paper, and yourself and your partner. First we had to get our question after we got our paper we had to run to the end of the court then answer our first question. June and I had a easy question to answer, the question was what comes one before and after 7, 531, the answer is7,530 7,531 7,532. Then we needed to go to Tiare or Mrs D so that they can check the answer, when you get it right you get another question and run to the end of the court, then come back to your partner and answer the question.


Chelsea Donaldson said...

Great work June. It was a great way to see what you could remember from our term's learning. You and Afu did a great job in the competition, a lot of the questions were very tricky and I am impressed that you got so many of them right! Awesome work!

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