Friday, 21 October 2016

Mrs Ogilvie

Mrs Ogilvie

Today a few minutes after morning tea, the Yr 8's and some of the Yr 7's went to our school library and meet Mrs Ogilvie. Mrs Ogilvie works from the National Library and cam to our school. Mrs Ogilvie came and taught us about smart searching and shows us these websites that we can use. She showed us this websites called Epic and it shows us different other websites as well. So we clicked on a other websites called Kids Infobits and Britannica. Kids Infobits shows heaps and heaps of information about your learning and that involves topic like for examples Writing, Reading and Inquiry. Britannica is a website that you search anything you like. These website are helpful for me because they help me and show the right information I need.


Mairi Ogilvie said...

I'm glad you found Kids Infobits and Britannica useful! Enjoy searching :-)

June said...

Hi Mrs Ogilvie,
Thank you for commenting on my blog and hope you have a great and wonderful labour weekend.

Yours sincerely,

June said...
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Thomas said...

Hi June,
I also had fun when Mrs Ogilvie came to visit us and the websites are really useful.

Keep it up,

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