Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My Rotary Walk. By June

My walk to the Tamaki River.

Two weeks ago my school went on a walk too Tamaki River. First we went over the bridge , second we went around the Panmure basin. We Walked around the basin then we stopped to have morning tea for 20 minutes, after our 20 minutes was up, we kept on  walking around the Rotary walkway ,we went to the Panmure bridge marina then we walked down the road then we stopped for a second then we followed room eight. After we went after room eight we went up the hill and then we stopped because we was so tired then we kept on going until our teacher told us to stop then we went passed Latham’s house and I think that no-one was home.

We had a rest only for about 12 minutes, I felt like having a sleep then having more sleep just because I can. While I was still walking with my twin sister Jane, Miss Anderson gave her an energy lollies which made me jealous and I said “ can I have one please?” then she said “ no “ and I asked “why “ and Miss Anderson said
“because their are no more lollies left“, “ohhhhhhhhh” I said, and I said to Jane “ I wish that Miss Anderson had of given me an lolly too. While I was walking with my sister we saw room 6 ahead of us, they were the first ones to make it too the sailing club. Everyone had lunch, it started to rain. Everyone run for shelter, once it stopped raining everyone finished their lunch then went to play on the slide. We went to an exercise park, everyone had a turn playing on all the different exercise things. We waited for the three buses to arrive and take us back to school, once we got back to school everyone went to the hall and we all got a ice block. It was a really trying and hot day but I had fun.


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