Monday, 25 November 2013

This is room five Favourite movies By June

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This is me and my Partner' s Catergorie. In this catergorie about movie and the name are despicble , Smurfs 2 , Turbo , Percy Jackson.  In this catergorie we have to tell the people what is you favourite movie , Despicable 2 there are 8 people that choose Despicable , there are 2 people that choose Smurfs 2 , there are 5 people that choose Smurfs 2 , and the last people choose Percy jackson and not that many people that choose percy Jackson of the rise of the sea monsters 3 people that really choose percy jackson.

My  favourite movie in this Catergorie was Despicable me 2 because that many people choose Despicable me.

My Partner's favourite movie was percy jackson the rise of the sea monsters because I watched it with my older brother that  just came from waiheke island.  


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