Friday, 3 July 2015

Maori Pioneer Battalion - Movie Making

This is my my group and I movie that we made altogether and we and had some help from my teacher. We made this because we want to show what we learnt this term about the Maori Pioneer Battalion.


Saruja said...

HI June,
Your groups film was perfect, but i will be better if you speaks little bit loud , because it was so hard for me to understand what were talking. I still like how you speak with confident.I also like how you dressed you look like a teacher. Next time when you are making a movie make sure you are specking loud and find a best place that you can shoot. Over that you did a perfect work with your group. I think you did well.
Keep up the good work!

Your Sincerely,

June said...

Hi Saruja,

Thank you for your feedback and I really appreciate it. But Some of the sentences didn't make sense so can you please look over the comment edit this comment.

Thank you,


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