Friday, 3 July 2015

Persuasive Writing - Should NZ Change Its Official Flag?.

Should NZ change its official flag?

It is ridiculous changing this flag. Why should NZ spend so much money just to design a flag instead of spending so much money. They should just give to the families who are hopeless of needing money. Some say they want to change the NZ flag because it doesn't represent the Maori people. But some people doesn't care about the flag because it might make a big fuss over the flag. So why is the reason NZ changing the flag?.

Firstly, my reason is crazy, because the flag has been flying since 1902 so what can be the problem now?. Can the new flag represent New Zealanders?. Well I think changing the flag is a bad idea because our ancestors who went to war and fought for our freedom under our flag it might make a big problem just to design a flag but that’s what I think about the NZ flag.

Secondly, I think that NZ should not change the flag because it's been with us through many generations. Our country that is going through a lot just for this flag and spending so much money is just insane, the money that they are going through should just give it to charities and leave the flag as it is.

I can’t believe that NZ want to change the flag. But really changing the flag could be messed up like what if the flag could be a total waste of time if they couldn't find a design to go with NZ. Remember the days when our ancestors went to war and fought for country. Remember the days when we were happy with the flag that we got. But if suddenly change my mind I would go with I don’t know because I don’t really care about the flag changing. Sometimes people can’t make up their minds about the flag.

Besides all that, I would rather go with no because mostly of my family members said yes because because they don’t want the the British empire to interfere with New Zealand and that why should NZ change the its official flag?. Is the new flag going to represent New Zealand? What design should New Zealand go for? What if the flag could be too much to New Zealand? What if the flag could be messed up and could be a total waste of time designing the Flag? and for our last question, Should New Zealand change the flag YES/NO.


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Anonymous said...

doesn't make too much sense I read intro and just stopped.

Anonymous said...

completely agree made not much sense, I'm sorry to be a little hypocritical but if I got this from one of my students, I wouldn't give them a very good mark

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