Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Story Swap - June and Jasmine.

A long time ago there was a house that was sitting there for centuries. The house had a creepy look to it. So I had a feeling to that I should go and check it out for myself. As I slowly walked up the stairs the creek in the wood got louder and louder then I finally open the door. I walked inside the house, the minute I stepped into the house my heart started racing and it felt like I missed a heart beat. As I walked more deeper and deeper into the house I started shaking like an earthquake was happening inside the room. So when i started shaking I had felt a shadow beside me like he was watching my every move I made. Room by room it got darker and darker so suddenly I came up to a room where there was lights to only find sometime that was only usable. Then BAM!! the door shut before my very eyes. I only had one way to get out, and that was to call call someone for help. So as I reached for my phone I finally call someone but none was there. So I tried again an finally someone picked up Yay but it felt like days went or even years pat. So I thought to my self would I have missing? 

Today, R5 have been doing writing. For writing we did 'Story Swap'. For this you had to write a recount about a picture that my teacher found. 


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