Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Preflix Word: Sub

Sub Paragraph

As the submarine submerged through the subzero temperatures of the ocean, The captain called to the other subordinate subjects who had been listening to Mariah Carey searching for subliminal messages. While they had gone more subterranean that they had crashed into a subway. Through this whole commotion, the cook had been in the bathroom reading the subtexts of the latest Woman’s Weekly.

Today for writing we had to work collaborate with my classmate to do this activity. For this we had to work on a word wall to gather all of the words that begins with sub. Firstly we had gather the words that begin with sub from a dictionary and it has to do something with under or below. This was quite an interesting task to do because we had find words from the dictionary and put it onto a google drawing. After that was all finished we had to make a paragraph that had to make a story using the sub words. I think that my group and I have work quite well as we were helping each other out.


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