Friday, 10 June 2016

Are UFO's/Aliens Real

Are UFO’S Real & Aliens
LI: Conflicting Information, information that disagrees with others info.

  • Yes because aliens can travel with UFO’s through earth.
  • Some UFO’s can be shown throughout NASA.
  • If you are looking through some of the pictures, it
  • No, not maybe just no because they are nowhere to be seen throughout these years.
  • No because some of the pictures are different to others.
(Conflicting Opinions Statement)
Tai - I believe yes because they are trying tell us that there are pictures and videos of UFOs.
Used Sources:

This above it a Document that be and my partner created. We both and a collaborated this Document to show that we have been learning how to conflict two part of stories. One side is where someone say's yes it's true, and on the other side it's where someone say's that it's not true. So what we did here was explain both sides of why UFO'S are real and if Aliens still exist.


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