Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Speech Rubric

Speech Rubric

Time: 2.26
Not using any expression at all in the speech. Sounds like a robot. Does not use the punctuation. Words do not flow
Using some expression for certain parts of the speech. Reverts back in sounding like a robot in some places.
Uses expression in most areas, but not all. Starting to make voice go high and low in certain parts. Starting to get into the role and use punctuation.
Uses expression throughout the speech. Making voice go high and low in all parts.
Opens mouth wide so that words flow.
Loud clear voice
Reads in a very soft voice e.g. whisper. May mumble during speech. Words / sentences are very unclear and may not be understood by the audience.
Projects voice in some parts, but may revert back to soft / mumbling voice. Not all words / sentences may not be understood by the audience.
Projects voice in most parts, but may mumble, or speak softly in 1-2 sentences / words. Most words are understood by the audience.
Projects voice throughout the performance. Voice is loud and clear. Every word / sentence is understood by the audience.

Eye Contact

The performer refers to the speech / cue cards during for the entire contest. No eye contact given to the audience

The performer refers to the speech cue cards for some parts. The performer looks at the audience during some parts of the speech contest.

The reader looks at the audience and gives eye contact to the audience most of the time.

Eye contact is given throughout the contest. The performer gives eye contact to the audience during the entire speech contest.
Knowledge of the speech
Reads directly from the cue cards. Strongly relies off the cue cards during the contest. Does not know speech very well. Loses own place regularly and relies off cue cards.
Knows some parts of the speech, but is still reliant on the cue cards. Follows the text for most parts. Still reliant on cue cards to get through the contest. May lose place.
Knows most parts of the speech off by heart.
Follows the text.
Could easily perform the speech without the cue cards.
Knows the speech off by heart. Memorized the speech.


Think of time when you out and about. Alone, Defenceless, victims to many listeners, and watchers who talks about your appearance and of who you are. Sometimes people say that racism is just an opinion. Well just think about, Have you thought about what might could would have happen to them? Have you thought about people’s feeling and what could go really overboard?

Why can’t they tell us the thoughts of what's going around in their head about us, our culture, our heritage. We are all different races not different species. We have done nothing, but yet their heads are still have been full with assumptions about how the terrible person you are. But sometimes people's thought can be full about how they look, how they were taught, how they are rich or poor, about how we are absolutely nothing like them. Sometimes their voices can be a lack of understanding about us and how they can think about us in many different ways.    

Yes, we see the outer shell of a person, but you haven't seen the inner side of the character? We accept the truth, just because of how we’ve learnt. The opinion of one’s race is taught to a child as a classroom rule, but handed down like siblings bag of clothes, but as common as a mother's love to her child.                       

Now, I can’t  let this problem failed to be notice, like it has been! This is more important than a lot of things we have been noticing as closely related in the lives we live today. How does this not come up when you and your friends have conversations, yet the most little thing to do?                                                                       
Because of the most  offensive label to be called, to believe it or not people have died. How many times have you heard on the news, people so innocent left on the street being killed by police? The police have killed at least 102 unarmed black people in 2015, almost nearly twice each week. It is a matter of 94% of these victims are coloured.

“It fired. The bullet hit a child”  This was said by Officer Joseph Weekley. This young girl named Aiyana Jones was shot on Sunday May 14 2010, this little girl happen to get shot in her home while they were sleeping. This poor little girl was so innocent and they didn’t know what to expect from her or the police raid. Why did the polices do that? What did the police expect the family to do? Could the family see Aiyana Jones future?      

I am frustrated, offended, annoyed, provoked, but yet ready, faithful and excited for a change.

We can’t stop the thoughts we have about other people. We can’t stop from having an opinion. What we can do, is stop accusing people of who they are. Expecting them to be one thing, when they are the other. We could at least ask not accuse. Start a conversation, not a rumor. Be yourself and who you truly are.

Try and stop closing your eyes to the things that really matter, and make an effort to see beyond race, because if not, who will?  

This is my speech that I have done and one of my rubric that people have given me feedback. For this I had collabrated with Pote, Sebastion, Jorja, and Aj too give me feedback towards my speech. I think I have done really well and made a great effort with my speech.



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