Thursday, 25 August 2016



Today, we had a special visit from Ryan Hoffman and John Palavi from the NZ rugby team The Warriors!!. Also we had a visit from Georgia and Alice from DTR. First of all they all talked about Health and Well being and that kind of related like Hauora. We were split into teams, so it would be Ryan Hoffman's teams and the other side as John Palavi's team. For this, did some activities with us, such as team trivia, and if we would shout the loudest someone from our team would get a prize. Some of the other people were lucky enough as they have won a prize. After that they talked about being hydrated, sleep, and belongings. 


Robyn Anderson said...

This assembly was a lot of fun and was a great way to get an important message across. Glad you enjoyed it :)

June said...

Hi Mrs Anderson,

Thanks for commenting on my blog post, I really appreciate for what you have done. It was really cool and I hope you enjoyed it aswell as we did.

Kind Regards,

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