Friday, 25 November 2016

PBS Athletics

PBS Athletics

Today our PBS students had an amazing day doing athletics. We were split into 3 teams for the Yr 8's and 2 teams for the Yr 7's. All of us were great at being supportive and encouraging our friends. We all had a fun time doing the athletics. 


Jane said...

Hi June,

It was really good to hear you having fun doing athletics. Please add more sentences to have more detail about athletics. You look like you were having fun and being happy. It's good that all of you were supportive and encouraging to your friends and your group.

By Jane and Ana

Breeana said...

Hi June,

I really enjoyed your blog post. There is just somethings you might need to change maybe put more information in your blurb. But great job June!

From Breeana

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