Thursday, 17 September 2015

Shot Put / Discus - Run, Jump, Throw

Run, Jump, Throw

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Today R5 have been doing kiwisport called Run, Jump, Throw with Andie. She has been with us for four week teaching us how to do Run, Jump, Throw and I have been enjoying these lessons with her. Today Andie taught us how to do Shot Put and Discus. For Shot Put we had been taught catch phrases like dirty fingers, dirty neck, clean palm. All of phrases have meaning with it like for dirty fingers, you have to have the ball on your fingers, for dirty neck you have to make sure that the shot put ball have to touch you neck and make sure put underneath your ear so that you can throw it far. When you are throwing it make sure you chin - knee - toe all in a row, also elbows high, and low to high, watch it fly. For Discus you have to grip the discus thrower like a shelf, so if you out upside down the discus should fall out, make sure you grip on the third knuckle, then swing up, clap, bring back, chin knee toe, then last of all low to high, watch fly, then fling it fast.  


Chelsea Donaldson said...

It sounds like you have learnt a lot at run jump throw this week! I like the phrases, they will make it easier to remember

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