Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Breakfast In Schools - June

For my opinion I think that it’s a good idea to provide breakfasts in school because it could help students all over NZ to stay focused in their own learning and could be energized and ready for school.

Students all over NZ should be fed with breakfasts in their tummy. It is awfully sad that sometimes students aren't able to have breakfast and it could be because their parents rushing to go work.

I highly recommend the Kick start program because it could help schools around NZ to provide breakfasts to students. Kick start program have been helping schools around NZ because there are many children who go hungry and are not having breakfast. In NZ almost 400 schools are having Kick start program to help school in NZ.

Meanwhile, breakfast is the main meal of the day because it can get children to be energized and ready for school. Breakfast can provide you protein, nutrition and vitamins for your body so you can concentrate in your classroom. Also breakfast can fuel your brain and your body.

Did you know, that 15% of kids are not being able to eat breakfast in the morning. Also it is a good idea because it can help children to keep focus and concentrate in your learning so it can help you to stay focus.


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