Tuesday, 15 September 2015

How can we help change the minds of those who want to change the flag?

How can we encourage those not to change the flag?

How can we help to stop changing the NZ flag? I am a Samoan girl, how would I feel if my flag would get changed? I think My flag is better, because it has nice designs and a meaning with our flag. So why are people trying to change it. Is there any reason why?

Talofa students, why are we thinking about changing our flag. I already know that they are agree to change the flag but why can’t we leave as it is? Some people in NZ would been upset because there are many people who presented our flag and for us. 

If we do change our flag,  would it represent our faithful soldiers who fought for us? I don’t think so. Do you think our flag is boring  for New Zealand now? Is the new flag going to represent the New Zealanders? Would we even care about our flag? What if there could be problems towards the new flag, and then what a waste of 26 million dollars. 

My opinion will be always the same because the flag is important because other people couldn't believe if they did change the flag. It is important because it reflects on the soldiers that who fought for us and died for us. We all know that the flag is really similar to the Australian flag but we don’t have to change.  

My opinion is still not changing because it’s not right to change the flag, could it be recognised for the other countries. Sometimes people can change their mind over the flag because there are more important things then changing the flag.

Instead of changing the flag, there are more important things that need to get finished like spending the money on the Christchurch. Also to spend money for charities for school and foods for other people.

How are we going to be able to change our flag? Could this be our new begin towards our new flag? Is the money really worth changing this flag? What if they are going to change their minds about it?

Once again my opinion will never change because if they do change the flag how could this help you say no for stop changing the flag. Also remember keep in mind that there's people who fought for under the flag.


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