Saturday, 9 July 2016

Create Your Own Logo - Winter Learning Journey

What I done here was, That I created a Olympic Logo. First I went on, after that I went to go choose the logo that I wanted. I picked this logo because it looks like that some one is doing the torch relay and how it can inspire someone to do the exact the same thing. 


aminiasi said...

Hello June, I like your reason why you chose this logo. I think you have the same reason as Cecillia. Maybe next time you should make sure that you have got enough room for your text because some of your text is under other text.

Cecillia said...

Hello June, I think you have the same reason as me. But next time go deeper with why you picked that logo.

Rachel Williamson said...

Hi June,

I like what you have done in this blog. In fact, I think that you have chosen a great symbol for the 2020 Olympic logo. It is one of the most iconic 'Olympic' images that exist. I did wonder after looking at your logo, though, what the inspiration was behind your choice of purple as a colour. Was it selected for a specific reason?

Cheers, Rachel

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