Sunday, 10 July 2016

Para-cycling - Day 7 - Winter Learning Journey

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For the para-cycling, I would choose my friend Cecilia because she would have the ability to move around and be in the front, and I would not have the ability to hear and I would have the ability to see. the reason why I would choose Cecilia, it because Cecilia and I are great working together and there are worrying about something.  


aminiasi said...

Hello June, I how your reasons to choose Cecillia is really simple. Maybe next time you should double check your work because some of your sentences don't make sense.

Willy L said...

I feel as though the comment above me needs to be removed.......

But anyways, hi! I'm one of the commenters for the Winter Learning Journey. I see from the amount of posts of activities that you're probably done! Or almost done! I like your choice of choosing Cecillia as a good choice, and nice reasons to justify your choice. Really nice!

And from judging from the amount of posts in the last few days, I've got to say - your work ethic must be second to none! :)


Rachel Williamson said...

Hi June (and Willy and AJ),

Firstly, yes, the comment above does need to be removed. I'll get in touch with Mrs A. and Ms. Kirkpatrick right away!

Secondly, I think that you have made a great choice in picking Cecillia as your partner for the para-cycling race. It sounds like you would make a great team. I must admit that, like AJ, I did struggle to understand some of what you had written, though, we a couple of the sentences didn't make much sense. Can you please take a look at the paragraph and fix it up so that we know exactly what you meant?

Thanks so much!

Cheers, Rachel

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