Sunday, 10 July 2016

Fundraising - Winter Learning Journey


  1. To help with the Fundraiser, I would set up a bake sale in my street to help
  2. To help, I would ask a neighbour to help with their chores if they need help.

The reason why I have choose that it because I enjoy doing baking and would a opportunity for others to taste my baking. For my second reason, I choose this because I like helping people and trying new things. 


aminiasi said...

Hello June, you are really nice, kind and helpful. It is good that you want to help other people.

Robyn Anderson said...

Hi June
I have really enjoyed reading your Winter Learning Journey blog posts. I can see in this task that you have used your learning from our Get Wise session with Jeremy. It is fantastic to see you are transferring your learning from one area to another. If you set up a cake stall I would definitely buy something! Keep up the great work.
Mrs A :)

Nesi said...

Hi June,

It nice to see that you care for other people. Some of your sentence does not make sense you should go back and fix it and maybe you should add some sentence on what the activity was of what the fundraiser was for because someone might not know what it is for.

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